Snacks, finger food, fries, filled rolls and even complete meals… Pubchalk is suitable for all sorts and sizes of (street) food.

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ThermoTwin is a synonym for the ultimate drink experience that focuses on quality, presentation and user comfort.

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All Biodore® products are made of natural materials. You opt for Biodore® because nature gives us everything we need.

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I’M a HOT concept

For every moment of enjoyment, a HOT Cup with a uniform design; this is the departure point for I’m a Hot Concept.

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About us

Thanks to its total range of disposables and packaging Depa Disposables is unbeatable when it comes to helping enterprises in the food service and retail sector make their processes more efficient and effective.

Depa combines a clear vision of trends and developments at home and abroad with a thorough understanding of the day-to-day business of entrepreneurs and their employees in the food service and retail sector. All that plus the no-nonsense approach and short lines of communication that dovetail with the way the branch operates.

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Spotlight on the concept

Food trucks and similar formulas are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. People are eating out more and more often. Eating what they want, when they want: On the way in the car or train, sitting on a park bench, or simply straight out of the packaging in the street.

New, innovative food concepts demand new, innovative packaging and disposables. In fact, the packaging is often an intrinsic component of your visual identity. That’s why we came up with Pubchalk: an on-trend range of packaging for the modern food entrepreneur.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is one of Depa’s core values. Depa constantly seeks products and concepts that have less environmental impact and by so doing wants to contribute towards a sustainable food service and retail branch.

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